Buzz Lightbutt pin, polished


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Light up, light up! Buzz will light your way or at least your ear lobe or neck for a while. His butt charges fastest under direct sunlight or UV light, and a bit slower under artificial light.

If charged for a few minutes, it will glow brightly for a short time and have an afterglow that lasts a few hours. Rechargeable for at least 20 years. Read more about the colours I use.

All pieces are unique due to them being handmade. Each pin has a high quality locking clasp to keep them securely attached.

A small UV torch on a handy keyring is included with your purchase. It can also help you check a fake banknote, stains, bugs etc.

3 in stock

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  • Material: Sterling silver
  • Weight: 2 g
  • Size: 16 x 9 x 5 mm

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