Iris pendant

Handmade silver pendant. It took about 200 hours to make, I lost count at some point.

I modeled it in Rhino first so I could get the hinges at the right spots, then printed them all out on paper, glued them on silver sheet and started sawing them by hand.

All 56 stones are bead set. There’s a heat treated sapphire at the center while all the other stones are cubic zirconias. The whole thing weighs 75g (the pendant is 53g, the 60cm chain 22g)

This piece was made for the school’s 10th anniversary exhibition, hosted in a local art gallery (Galleria MABD), and it was on display there on 11.-29.3.2020.

#1: The finished piece. Video of the mechanism.
#2: Sawing out the pieces from a sheet of silver. WIP video of the mechanism.
#3: Making the centerpiece.
#4: Some assembly required.

Material: Sterling silver
Gemstones: 4 mm heat treated sapphire and 55 cubic zirconias
Date: 9.3.2020